Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



The minimization of inter-module interface for the achievement of reliability of multi-version software

Author(s): I. Kovalev, P. Zelenkov, S. Ognerubov

Abstract: This article shows that the use of the modular principle for the stage of technical designing of multi-version software is connected to the optimization process of the structure and interaction of its components. The new problem definition of the designing of the multi-version, modular structure of software, which provides the minimization of inter-module interface, is presented. This problem definition allows us to create the multiversion set of components which are used in software in the predefined sequences as well as in the random sequences. Simultaneously, the set of versions matches the predefined conditions, providing the maximum reliability for personal computers and the minimal values of the attributes of the intermodule interface.

Keywords: inter-modular interface, modular structure, multi-version software, reliability.

Pages: 33-35


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