Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



H∞ based on Type-2 Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control Design for PMDC Motor with Dead-Zones

Author(s): Tzu-Sung, Wu, Mansour Karkoub, Wen-Shyong Yu, Ho-Sheng Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a type-2 adaptive fuzzy tracking control (T2AFC) via H∞ control algorithm is developed for permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motor systems with dead-zone nonlinearity, plant uncertainties, and external disturbances. The type-2 fuzzy dynamic model with adaptation capability is used to approximate the PMDC motor system, where the weighting factors of the fuzzy model are obtained from both of the fuzzy inference and online update law. Then, the control law is developed based on Lyapunov criterion and Riccati-inequalities to overcome the nonlinearities and external disturbances such that the uniform ultimate boundedness (UUB) of all signals in the closed loop and H∞ tracking performance are achieved. The advantage of employing T2AFC is that it can better handle the vagueness or uncertainties inherent in linguistic words by the use of fuzzy membership functions with adaptation to track the the specified reference inputs by linear analytical results instead of estimating non-linear system functions as the system parameters are unknown. Finally, a PMDC motor systems is used as an example to illustrate the validity and confirm the performance of the proposed scheme.

Keywords: Permanent magnet DC motor systems, type-2 adaptive fuzzy logic system, H∞ tracking performance, deadzone.

Pages: 40-47


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