Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Evaluation a Process using Fuzzy Principles and Tools of Matlab

Author(s): Stella Hrehova, Jana Mizakova

Abstract: Expert systems are currently used in several areas. Their advantage is that they can simulate the decisionmaking process of an expert in a particular application area. In conjunction with the principles of fuzzy logic, which can be converted numerical value into verbal expressing are expanding their area of application. The paper deals with design of simple expert system to evaluate the achieved quality of the production process using tools of Matlab. There are data which are gained through process and which are written to a file. They are subsequently evaluated using fuzzy toolbox of Matlab system. The rules designed for individual decision-making processes reflect the experience of experts in the field. These tools allow easy application of fuzzy rule by Fuzzy Toolbox and the connection with Simulink and its tools allow display the results.

Keywords: fuzzy; capability indices, Matlab

Pages: 61-65


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