Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Assessment of Different Compensation Strategies in Hybrid Active Power Filters

Author(s): Rashed Bahrekazemi, Alireza Jalilian

Abstract: In this paper harmonic distortion in power distribution system is considered. Performance of three different compensation strategies (pq, dq and dq-pq) in hybrid active power filter are evaluated in this paper. To simulate the system, four different scenarios for power system mains voltage are considered: ideal, unbalanced, distorted and distorted-unbalanced mains voltage. Simulation results are compared in order to assess the performance of each method. It is demonstrated that in ideal mains voltage condition all the three methods have good performance. However, for a distorted voltage source two methods, dq and dq-pq, have a satisfactory performance, and when the mains voltage is distorted-unbalanced only dq-pq method shows an acceptable compensation performance.

Keywords: rid active power filter (HAPF), pq method, dq method, dq-pq method, Non-ideal mains voltage.

Pages: 19-24


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