Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



The Adaptation of Vehicle Assisted Data Delivery Protocol in IoV Networks

Author(s): Belghachi Mohammed, Debab Naouel

Abstract: By their nature, richness and continuity; the growing IoV data sets will also inform research into areas as diverse as human behaviour and social sciences, urban design, national security, medicine and epidemiology, population dynamics, geo-political wealth distribution and economic development, meteorology, market responses to advertising and price setting, resource and utilities management, food retailing, modelling the spread of invasive plants, pathogens and pests, freight logistics, tourism trends, planning of education systems, analysis of media consumption and broadcasting, agricultural development, and the fundamental mathematics of complex dynamic systems. The implementation of the routing algorithms is a complex problem since the IoV environment is dynamic and evolves over time, which implies a frequent change at the level of the network topology in order to find an information routing protocol that guarantees the transmission of the packets using the best route, the shortest delay and the performance on dense routes. The protocol chosen is the Vehicle-Assisted Data Delivery (VADD) protocol. This work is focusing on adapting VADD routing protocol for IoV network.

Keywords: IoT; IoV; ITS; VADD

Pages: 25-30


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