Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Evaluations of Distributed Computing on Auto-Scaling and Load Balancing Aspects in Cloud Systems

Author(s): Vinod Kumar Verma, Pooja Gautam

Abstract: Distributed computing is widely used and applicable to the variety of applications nowadays. Information technology resources for making the applications are different for your business and can change the customer experience than administering systems. With the help of cloud, availability of resources can be made whenever needed. It results in sending a huge number of requests in a fraction of time. The cloud makes it basic and snappy to get a broad extent of advancement. For instance, register, storing, information bases, assessment, artificial intelligence and various organizations subordinate upon the requirement. Subsequently, the new applications can be made easily and further tested for improvement or changes at a rapid pace. The cloud allows you to deal with resource disbursement (physical, data centers server, etc) at lower expenses as you have to pay only for the resource usage. In this paper, the Amazon web services (AWS) has been used for the evaluation purpose. It offers a variety of services to more than 165 featured organizations. Two performance based factors namely; auto-scaling and load balancing on the cloud platform have been evaluated in this work.

Keywords: Amazon Web Services, Auto-scaling, Cloud Computing, Load balancing, Quality of services, Virtualization.

Pages: 31-37


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