Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Fog Assisted and IoT Based Real-Time Health Monitoring System Implementation

Author(s): Umme Afifa Jinan, Ashikur Rahman Khan Given, Zayed-Us-Salehin

Abstract: With the proliferation of IoT devices in medical healthcare systems, IoT based health-monitoring systems and applications have brought about a ground-breaking breakthrough in modern healthcare facilities, medical data processing, and analysis. Meeting the challenge of co-operative and distributed IoT based healthcare systems; the problems like latency, network congestion, and data traffic in the systems can be overcome by fog computing, a decentralized cloud computing platform. In this study, we enhanced such an IoT-enabled real-time patient health monitoring system by exploiting the fog computing concept for extracting sensor data, visualizing them at reduced cost and power, storing at local storage, monitoring, and interacting remotely. Using three different sensor devices that extract health data, we developed a new type of fog computing interface using a combination of Raspberry Pi and Arduino. A dedicated local server called fog server was implemented as well for the storage and maintenance of the sensor extracted data and real-time notification. The implemented system portraits the efficacy of our proposed concept for monitoring patients’ vital parameters like temperature, pulse rate, and ECG simultaneously at low-cost, low power, simpler scheme, and real-time remote monitoring. The comparison between medical data, biosignals and sensor generated data, signals showed the feasibility of the system. The performance and compatibility of the system was evaluated in terms of cost, power consumption, and latency as well. The development and testing of the health monitoring system proves that it serves perfect in giving relief to medical caregivers while taking care of patients remotely irrespective of time and place.

Keywords: Arduino, Fog Computing

Pages: 99-106


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