Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Logistic Optimization of the Production Centre

Author(s): Petr Suchánek, Franciszek Marecki, Robert Bucki, Eva Litavcová

Abstract: Today’s entrepreneur environment is extremely turbulent and new methods, possibilities and ways are being searched for in all its areas in order to optimize each available process. Optimization is carried out mainly and, we can say, exclusively in order to achieve the maximal output and production. At the same time we have to minimise the input data, losses, human resources, etc. Optimization must be carried out at all levels taking into account either internal or external processes. This all ought to consider the wide range of influencing factors which must be identified in advance and subsequently evaluated from the point of view of weight of their influence. It is very important to implement the system approach to solve this problem. This approach analyses the general model of the business system on the basis of which the company with its own manufacturing process and commercial activities functions. The commercial activities are then oriented towards the acquisition of charge materials as well as the sale of ready products. This model is often marked as the commercial-manufacturing centre. If information systems (IS) along with information and communication technologies (ICT) are added to the presented model in order to support all its activities, the so-called e-business system appears, which can at present be treated as the most general model to realise a defined business activity. Commercialmanufacturing centres are characterized by a need to optimize and rationalise manufacturing processes. To optimize it is possible to implement a wide range of methods and procedures which can be either used for either specific goals or creating more universal equations. The paper highlights the problem of optimization, first of all, manufacturing processes of the commercial-manufacturing centre based on the principles of lean company and lean manufacturing with the integrated system of the so-called permanent simulations. In addition, as a practical case the logistic modelling problem of the production centre consisting of machines which carry out dedicated operations on defined objects is presented. The optimization criterion for the timescale of servicing objects in the production process is given. The method shown hereby emphasises the state of the decision process, the value of the state, functions of generating states and heuristic algorithms for generating trajectories of states.

Keywords: logistic centre; optimization; lean company; modelling; simulation software; heuristic algorithms; decision process

Pages: 6-11


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