Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Pseudo-spectral versus Intelligent Optimal Control: Exo-Atmospheric Guidance Accuracy

Author(s): Hassan Qolipour, S. Seyedtabaii

Abstract: Exo-atmospheric guidance is a nonlinear finitehorizon optimal control problem with constraints on endpoint and control signals. The nonlinear optimization is iterative and takes a substantial amount of time to converge. Pseudospectral (PS) methods, due to coarse discretization, are favored to be a good choice for reducing the computation load. In this respect, the Legendre-Gauss (LG) and Legendre- Gauss-Lobbato (LGL) techniques are tried. Moreover, the genetic algorithm (GA) is also utilized for reference. In this case, the results show that LG PS indices are better than the GA both in terms of accuracy and convergence time. Nevertheless, while LGL PS performs faster than GA but actual (not approximate) system simulation is not accurate and further modifications are required for successful operation.

Keywords: Optimal control, Intelligent optimization, Collocation methods, Legendre Pseudo-spectral, Guidance

Pages: 36-40


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