Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Droop Control of an Islanded Microgrid Using Harris hawks optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Mohamed A. Ebrahim, Reham M. Abdel Fattah, Ebtisam M. Saied, Samir M. Abdel Maksoud, Hisham El Khashab

Abstract: In order to help to solution power-sharing process, keep to frequency and voltage constrained limits in microgrid system. The parameter values must therefore be chosen accurately. Optimization techniques are a hot topic of researchers; hence this paper presents an optimization technique for finding parameter values of system. This paper will apply a version of Harris hawks optimization (HHO) on microgrid to control the power sharing, frequency and voltage. The results of simulation show that the HHO droop controller improves the quality of micro-grid power by ensuring that variability in the control of microgrid frequency and voltage and efficient power sharing occurs that when there is a micro-grid island mode and when there is a load variation.

Keywords: droop control, microgrid, Harris hawks optimization, power sharing

Pages: 48-53


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