Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Received: December 28, 2020. Revised: July 19, 2021. Accepted: August 7, 2021. Published: August 23, 2021.

A Novel Switched-Turn Continuously-Tunable Liquid RF MEMS Solenoid Inductor

Author(s): Fatemeh Banitorfian, Farshad Eshghabadi, Asrulnizam Abd Manaf, Norlaili Mohd Noh, Mohd Tafir Mustaffa, Othman Sidek

Abstract: this paper presents a continuously-variable MEMS solenoid inductor operating up to 20 GHz. In this novel idea, a channel is provided to bypass the turns by injection of a conductive liquid (Galinstan). Corresponding to the level of injection, the reduction in number of the turns varies the inductance value. The proposed Solenoid inductor is simulated with HFSS in Silicon substrate with Copper-type coil and injected conductive liquid. The EM simulation results show a maximum quality factor of 20 at 14 GHz and a tuning ratio of 1:5 at 16 GHz frequency. The minimum and maximum inductance values are 0.63 and 3.16 nH at 16 GHz which demonstrates a tuning range equal with 400%.

Keywords: RF MEMS; tunable inductor; liquid inductor; solenoid; quality factor; tuning range; inductance; liquid-based

Pages: 89-93


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