Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Received: February 12, 2021. Revised: August 17, 2021. Accepted: September 19, 2021. Published: September 30, 2021.

Workflow Model for Big Data Analysis and Visualization

Author(s): Stella Vetova

Abstract: The presented report includes workflow model for biomedical data. The proposed model is a solution for the case study of two-dimensional data classification. The experiments are conducted using distance computing techniques: Euclidean distance, Manhattan Distance, Cosine Distance. The result values show the percentage of accurately classified images for the three distance measures. In addition, the paper also presents a workflow model as a solution for prediction problems. The experiments are performed to compute efficiency and probability of heart disease occurrence using Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest and Naïve Bayes techniques. The results show the advantages and disadvantages of the included methods.

Keywords: biomedicine, bioinformatics, big data workflow, 3D model, workflow analysis, biomedical data analysis and visualization

Pages: 99-106


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