Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Received: April 5, 2021. Revised: September 12, 2021. Accepted: September 25, 2021. Published: October 10, 2021.

New Human-centered Production System -Building an Integrated Human Management System-

Author(s): Hirohisa Sakai

Abstract: Currently, Japanese companies are working to survive and develop "global production" to realize "the same quality and simultaneous start-up" in the world. From such background, the production operator is required to change from simple labor until now to intelligent production operator, and it is important not only to carry out the decided standard work, but also to train the operator who can conceive itself and self "kaizen" at an early stage. The author has defined them as intelligent operator and consider that "the evolution of technology and skill (man)" which makes "the advanced production system be used and guaranteed high quality in the manufacturing site" decides the success or failure of the global strategy. Therefore, the author has devised an integrated human management system "HI-POS (Human Intelligence–Production Operating System" aiming at strategic operation to "global production", and demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed "HI-POS" at an advanced company, Toyota.

Keywords: global production, integrated human management systems, HI-POS

Pages: 116-123


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