Int. J. of Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering



Using AOP In Discrete Event Simulation: A Case Study with JAPROSIM

Author(s): Meriem Chibani, Brahim Belattar, Abdelhabib Bourouis

Abstract: Japrosim is a discrete event simulation (DES) framework that has been developed for academic and industrial purposes based on object oriented paradigm. It contains several crosscutting concerns such as animation, steady state detection, keeping track of a simulation’s state and graphical user interface (GUI). These concerns cross its modules and tend to decrease its modularity, understandability, maintainability, reusability, and testability properties. One of the latest offerings of software engineering domain is the aspect-oriented (AO) paradigm, which provides the ability to break free of object-oriented (OO) decomposition, and describe design with a greater degree of separation of concerns. In this paper, we identify Japrosim crosscutting concerns and propose practical AO solutions by means of the de facto AspectJ.

Keywords: Crosscutting concerns, aspect oriented programming, discrete event simulation, Japrosim, AspectJ.

Pages: 11-17


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