AMCSE 2017

The 2017 International Conference Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering
Athens, Greece, October 6-8, 2017

The conference will be held in a Sea Resort Hotel 40 Kms outside Athens and 30 Kms away from the Athens International Airport.

Getting to Mykonos by Sea

From Piraeus port, Athens’ international hub, regular ferries and hydrofoils depart regularly throughout the day to Mykonos during low season months and five or six times a day, during the busier summer months. Travel times for the speedier boats takes between three and a half hours to four hours. The ferries take from six hours upwards. Ferries and hydrofoils also depart from Athens’ second port, Rafina which is located outside the city of Athens city. Rafina enjoys a convenient location, half an hour’s drive from Athens International airport, El.Venizelos. Hydrofoils make the trip to Mykonos in two hours, whilst regular ferries complete the same distance in four and a half hours.

Getting to Mykonos by Air

There are also daily flights, operated by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines, departing from Athens International Airport El. Venizelos. The flight time from Athens to Mykonos is approximately 25 minutes. During the high season in the summer months, charter flights fly directly to Mykonos International Airport from major European major cities such as Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Munich and Berlin.

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